Carole Fonck  LinkedIn

Carole has over 15 years of experience in providing expert witness services to the Nation’s top litigation law firms. Prior to being a Director at Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group, Inc. (SVEWG), she has held several national and international positions at National Instruments as a manager, sales engineer and support field engineer. She worked in the test and measurement industry, using LabVIEW, CVI, C, Visual basics, TestStand, doing data acquisition, control of instruments, image acquisition and  motion control covering a wide range of industries. In addition, she gave many seminars educating people on computer technologies ( multithreading, multitasking, ActiveX….).Her engineering and expert witness services experience includes areas in telecommunications, semiconductor, wireless, electronics, biotech, manufacturing and consumer electronics.

Ms. Fonck has a MSEE in RF Communication from Florida Tech University.



Diana Trujillo  LinkedIn

Diana has 20 years of experience in the expert witness services industry. Mentored by Gary Summers, founder of four different IP litigation support firms, she has been involved in management and finance at I.P. Managers, Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM, Inc.), Silicon Valley Expert Witness Group, Inc. (SVEWG) and a consultant for Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services.  Diana has provided patent portfolio licensing and sales / acquisition support in the disk drive and semiconductor SRAM/DRAM industries. Previous to the expert witness services industry, she has worked at TD Waterhouse Securities, SmithBarney and Bank of America.

Ms. Trujillo has a BA in Economics from San Jose State University.