The following are expert witnesses for barcode matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: barcode, RFID, Imaging Technology, RF tags with deposition and testifying experience.

#1020              Professor holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from an Ivy school.  He is an expert with over 20 patents in the field of barcode, printing and imaging technology and has experience in three litigation matters with testifying experience.  He has numerous publications including books and journal articles.


  • Barcode
  • Printing
  • Imaging technology
  • Software


#1016              Expert with over 40 years of expertise with the postal service industry with a technical background specializing in barcode technology, networks and:

  • Requirements Analysis/Systems Analysis
  • Project Management/Release Management
  • Software Development Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Testing


#1063              Expert has a genuine interest with professional advisory and standards development services in the disciplines of the Internet of Things, location-based services, sensors, wireless technology, mobile AIDC, bar code technology, and other data capture technologies. Expert has litigation experience writing expert reports and being deposed.


  • RFID
  • Linear Bar code and two-dimensional symbol
  • RF tag systems in distribution/retail/manufacturing/Warehousing/sales and quality control


#1146             Consultant has been an executive for over 20 years during which he invented bar code symbologies and has been involved in the development of bar code scanning devices. He has served as an expert witness and has testifying experience.


#1401             Consultant has 25+ Years of Organizational Leadership in Strategic Planning, Organizational Effectiveness, Research, Product Development, and Manufacturing Transfer of Volume Products. Focus areas include the formation/rework of product development organizations; the design and deployment of product and process development processes, ranging from homogeneous to heterogeneous cultural organizations.   Products include medical, microelectronics, LEDs and applications in automotive and general lighting, optical fiber and photonic amplifier components, LCOS microdisplays, camera modules, optical switch engines, quantum dots, RFID tags, and wireless nodes/base stations. He has expert witness experience.