The following are expert witnesses for Business contract matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: M&A, marketing, strategic deals, contract negotiation with deposition and testifying experience.


#1109              Consultant leads all aspects of the federal 340b Drug discount Program offerings, including sales, marketing, and business development initiatives. Broadly responsible for exceeding operations, sales growth, customer retention, and channel partner goals.


#1111              Consultant has IT industry experience with contract compliance and project implementation.  He specializes in business turnaround and recovery services for organizations and projects. Project recovery in contract reconciliation and negotiation.


#1156              Consultant is a Wireless/telecoms industry expert, strategist, dealmaker, interim executive, and public speaker, with deep network operator experience (fixed and mobile, voice and data, domestic and international). Entrepreneur with big company, start-up and VC experience, extensive industry contacts at fixed and mobile operators, OEMs, retailers and others. Hands-on experience negotiating international and domestic JVs, M&A, strategic deals, and managing complex relationships, including several billion dollar deals. Recognized mobile/telecoms industry analyst/expert with litigation experience.


#1195            Expert is an Executive with broad experience touching nearly all aspects of an organization, from engineering to M&A, from internal start-ups to large organizations, from commercial to military and government.  He is a  long-time employee of an automatic test equipment manufacturer.


#1207             Consultant is an  Executive with extensive worldwide experience in New Product Innovation, Product Design, Ergonomics, Patent Infringement Review, Product Liability, Branding and Packaging in consumer and professional products. Consultant has over 100 patents with expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1230            Consultant is a Marketing Executive with expertise in creating and delivering marketing, advertising, media, sales, business development, brand integrity, collateral programs, and expert witnessing. Introduced campaigns that translated strategic marketing plans into tactical sales actions that drove revenue growth, expanded market penetration, partner growth, achieved dominant market share, maximized brand equity and capitalized on market opportunities. He has expert witness experience and testimony.


#1231             Consultant is an Expert witness on customary practices for underwriter due diligence and investment banking industry custom and practice. He has experience with over 30 cases as an expert.


#1232             Consultant has Expert witness work and testimony for law firms and litigation support firms in various litigation cases. His expertise is in:

  • Bankruptcy issues, including fraudulent conveyance
  • Criminal cases involving alleged securities violations, insider trading, and bank fraud
  • Damage issues and analysis
  • Document interpretation and standards from an investment banking point of view
  • Entire Fairness M&A Issues
  • Fairness Opinons
  • Fee issues and compensation issues
  • Fiduciary issues
  • Financing of debt and equity, both public and private, taxable and tax-exempt, including structured financings.
  • Leasing and real estate financing


#1418             Consultant is an expert witness and Industry leader in logic-based artificial intelligence (AI) –cognitive computing. He has worked extensively in the area of R&D on security/privacy/confidentiality – including on the web – since 1994, especially on policies – a.k.a. trust management – and published several research papers in that area during the 1990s and early 2000s.  His areas of interests are policies, trust, contracts, regulations, compliance, and other legal; financial services, accounting, and insurance; e-commerce and ads; analytics; natural language human-computer interaction (HCI) and intelligent assistants; education; security, defense, and national intelligence; health care and life science; business intelligence; social media sharing; search; and agile workflow.


#1445              Consultant handles information technology transaction, licensing, design/development, “process engineering,” risk management, and business development matters and related business consulting, including in the healthcare, ecommerce, and other industries.

He has significant Software License Negotiation and Drafting, Software License Enforcement and Compliance, Software Development, Contracting, Outsourcing, E-Commerce, Open Source Software, Alliances, Distribution, Subcontracting, Intellectual Property, Internet Issues, Due Diligence, Offshoring, R&D, Risk Management, Transaction Processes, Product/Service Roadmap Management, Product/Service Design/Development, Project Management, Network Security, Privacy, Preventive Law, Distance Learning, Open Innovation, Photography Licensing / Contracts / Copyright, and other issues related to information technologies.  Consultant has extensive expert witness experience along with testifying.