Expert witnesses specializing in cable tv (CATV), video, programming, DVR, software and hardware with testifying experience.


#1046              Consultant has over thirty years of experience in the field of electrical, RF and telecommunications engineering. He has worked for private organizations and has been a founder of several successful start-up telecommunications companies. Expert holds over 35 US and International Patents in the telecommunications field. He has a great deal of litigation experience along with testifying experience.


  • Cellular
  • GPS technologies
  • Mobile
  • Networks
  • Phones:  standards, services, and systems
  • Wired technologies
  • Wireless technologies


#1134                          Consultant offers over 30 years of executive telecommunications technology and experience in the development and implementation of local network access products for the deployment of voice, data, video, and energy management services on Fiber Optic, Hybrid Fiber Optic-Coax (HFC) and Wireless Networks.  Consultant has been involved in a wide variety of scientific and engineering programs, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines and has made significant technical contributions in the areas of Metropolitan and Regional Area Networks, Local Access Engineering, Local Area Network Architecture and Protocols, Fiber Optics and Wideband Switching Systems, Cellular Radio Systems and Microwave Engineering, Home Information Systems and Internet Applications, Strategic Business Planning and Market Analysis, Digital Telephony, VoIP Systems, demand- side smart grid electrical systems, and for the past ten years, he has been developing a line of innovative, non- invasive, optical medical monitoring systems.  Consultant has expert witness experience and testifying.


#1199                          Consultant specializes in database and has written many applications.  In his career, he has written over 1 million lines of code, and ported around 10-20 million lines of code.  He has worked on several healthcare systems, including implementing a claims processing system for PCs.  Expert is a member of Standards Committees and has testifying experience.


#1416              Consultant is an experienced expert witness, patent and copyright infringement analyst with experience in reverse engineering of software and hardware with testifying experience.  He has over 25 years of industry experience in electrical engineering, product and system design, secure circuits and software, digital logic, microprocessor and microcontroller program development, firmware disassembly, patent analysis, and reverse engineering.   He is an engineer with special expertise in television, satellite communications systems, DVB, MPEG, CATV systems, access control, smart cards, encryption, scrambling, and anti-piracy.


#1454             Consultant is  a professional engineer and an entertainment technology consultant for Video and Cable TV Consumer Electronics Standards, Profit, Non-profit, Software Programmer, Android Studio, Java, C++, C, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, Electroencephalography (EEG), Electromyography (EMG), Volunteer, Studied Japanese Language and Korean Language.  He has over 80 patents and is an inventor of the DVD (Digital Video Disc). Consultant has expert witness experience.