The following are expert witnesses for data storage matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: storage Area Networking (SAN), Network Storage Architecture (NAS), magnetic storage, RAID, SCSI  optical storage with deposition and testifying experience.


#1014              Consultant holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. His Expertise is in Network Storage Architecture, designed disk controller firmware for IEEE 796, LSI-11, SCSI based disk controllers and experience with Enterprise Storage Area Networking (SAN) and Audio/Video streaming storage networking systems, most notably switched fabrics, embedded microprocessors and microcontrollers expert has thirteen patents relating to storage and/or network architecture, has served as expert witness in over eight cases including deposition and court testimonial experience.


#1017              Expert has over 38 years of experience with storage devices, embedded software systems for industry and consumer products, systems, including Flash Memory ( Solid State Disks, memory cards, flash drives ), Optical Storage ( CD, DVD, WORM, Magneto-Optical) , Magnetic Storage ( Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Tape ), RAID/Disk Arrays and jukeboxes; USB, SCSI, iSCSI, IDE/ATA/ATAPI/SATA, Fibre Channel, PCMCIA, game programming, home appliances and telecommunications. He is experienced with various programming languages, including C, C++, Delphi, C# and assembly. 

He has been an expert witness and expert consultant in over 14 engagements involving patent, trade secret, copyright, class action and contractual disputes, patent portfolio reviews including file systems, game programming, home appliance, telecommunications and television control software. He has written expert reports, been deposed, and has provided courtroom testimony at trial.


  • Flash memory
  • Game programming
  • Optical storage
  • RAID
  • SCSI
  • Software
  • Television control software


#1019              This consultant is a technical leader in the computer, software and hard disk industry with over thirty years of experience. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from an Ivy school. This expert has worked over 40 cases, testified in deposition and at trial.  Inventor on seven patents and author of a book and several published technical papers.  His areas of expertise are: 

  • Bus design – system bus – local area network – LAN – bus bridge
  • Standards – ATA – ATAPI – IDE – 1394 FireWire I-Link – SCSI – Futurebus
  • Computer design – CPU – multiprocessor – I/O controller – input/output
  • Memory design – memory controller – cache – Flash memory – RAM, ROM
  • Hard disk – RAID – storage network – SAN – NAS
  • Internet protocol – http – cookies – web server
  • Software – firmware – embedded systems
  • Operating system – file system – file server – file access protocol
  • Simulation – performance – benchmark


#1037                    Expert has an advanced degree in physics with a research background in digital storage technology devices including HDD.  He has analyzed large digital storage IP portfolios and testifying experience in court.  Expert has worked in the disk drive industry and managed the development of high density systems (recording systems technology, optical recording, servo, patterned media and recording heads).