The following are expert witnesses for database matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: database systems, Oracle systems, SQL, e-commerce , web, multimedia with deposition and testifying experience.


#1006              Expert holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science he has been retained in over 25 cases and has testifying experience.  Technical background regarding fourth generation language design and implementation, PC-based database servers (Novell & IBM Token Ring), process control and simulation (including networking, graphic display and multitasking executive); graphics subsystems; transaction processing subsystem design; mass storage subsystems; co-author of UCSD Pascal operating systems and virtual machines; multi-user student on-line admissions/registration system; programmed stock/commodities trading system. Java, C++, Visual Basic, XQuery etc.


  • Database systems
  • Software ( Java, Visual basic, C++)
  • Operating Systems
  • Device drivers
  • Mass Storage


#1009              Retired professor in Computer Science is a software design and validation, consultant with expert witness experience in 20 cases including testimony.   He has patents and numerous publications.  Expert has developed an automated tool for reasoning about hardware, software, and algorithms. Co-led development of specification languages and tools for software and distributed systems.    Contributed to research projects on active networks, location-aware computing, and the semantic web.


  • Database systems
  • Active networks
  • Location-aware computing
  • Software
  • Distributed systems


#1021              Professor in Computer Science has been in the software industry for 40 years. He has served as an expert witness in various alleged patent infringement cases and in an alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information case. He testified several times in federal and state court as an expert witness in these litigations. His areas of expertise include e‐commerce, web technologies, computer security, databases, autonomic computing, service oriented architectures, performance modeling and analysis, and software performance engineering. He has published over 225 refereed papers and was the chief author of five books dealing with web technologies, e‐commerce, and capacity planning.


  • E-commerce
  • Web technologies
  • Computer security
  • Databases
  • Autonomic computing
  • Service oriented architectures
  • Software performance


#1029              Expert has released web-based product line of tools and services for IP attorneys and has expert witness experience including patent analysis, source code analysis, copyright and trade secret analysis and presentation. He has developed forensic code compare and video processing tools:   (perl, Applescript).  Developed video capture and network transmission: Java, C, C++, CodeWarrior, MPW, QuickTime, Firewire IEEE 1394.   Internet and Database Consulting. Invention and development of  large web-enabled database systems including the Global Media Exchange,, and the new National Bicycle Registry (Sun Enterprise, Oracle RDBMS and Application Server, PL/SQL).  (Oracle, PL/SQL, perl, iRefinery, Ruby on Rails). He has Testifying experience.


  • Web- based products
  • Database
  • Software ( Java, C, C++, CodeWarrior.)
  • Video capture
  • Network transmission
  • Servers and clients
  • e-commerce


#1035              Expert with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from a top university; expertise with computer software and hardware design, network engineering and security, and embedded systems. Projects include: firmware development of multimedia audio and video streaming features for mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) routers on the ARM platform; engagement as technical expert in a lawsuit relating to embedded firmware in multifunction copiers and printers; recovery of audio data from voicemail and voice logger systems; prototyping of RF transmitter hardware in the cellular bands (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), including design, assembly, and testing; development of a metadata database for digital object identifiers (DOIs);  implementation and deployment of a multiserver hosting environment for Web ad syndication; development of laboratory techniques for recovering data from damaged magnetic tapes; due diligence on a startup company for a venture capital group in the area of RFID tags; due diligence on the possible infringement of issued patents in the areas of CDMA mobile telephony, bar code scanners, MIMO wireless data transmission; a reporting database for a direct marketing company to compile revenue data from multiple sales channels; implementation and deployment of a new ecommerce Web site, including shopping cart, credit card authorization, fulfillment, and reporting; a management system 802.11b wireless LANs; custom firmware for a wireless access point using embedded Linux; architecture and deployment of a UNIX-on-the-desktop office environment for a startup semiconductor company; a patient database for a major hospital; LAN architecture and backup strategy for a law firm; design and implementation of a PCI-compliant secure LAN including virtual machines, two-factor authentication, LDAP authentication, intrusion detection, disaster recovery; integration of a custom ecommerce system with multiple credit card merchant accounts and detailed approval, decline, and chargeback reporting; design and implementation of a VoIP gateway.


  • Multimedia
  • MIMO wireless data transmission
  • Hardware design
  • Software design


 #1075              Expert is professor in Computer Science. He holds several publications and has worked as a consultant in the database technology. In addition, he has expert witness experience along with testifying experience.


  • Database systems
  • forms management systems
  • software
  • SQL


#1077              Consultant has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from an Ivy League university, and provides computer software services for a wide range of computer systems ranging from the semiconductor industry to finance industry. He has worked on many patent litigation matters, theft of computer-related intellectual property, and software contract disputes.   He has a great deal of testifying experience.


  • Architecture and design of complex business systems involving database back ends
  • Computer software design, development & deployment
  • Embedded microprocessor designs
  • Forensic data acquisition and analysis
  • Implementation of real-time and media streaming systems
  • Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, assembly language programming
  • Microsoft Visual Studio component and application design
  • Network equipment design and manufacture (LAN cards, routers, bridges)
  • Oracle 8i, 9i and SQL Server 2000 database technology
  • Security, authentication, networking, firewalls, hacking countermeasures, backups, archives
  • Service level agreements for customer-outsourced data
  • Web integration of authentication services, streaming media, ad displays, content feed

     Domain Expertise for client-server and web-based software applications:

  • ERP systems – Financial, distribution, manufacturing, SF automation applications (Platinum)
  • E-Commerce – Secure web transactions, authentication  (InfrastructureWorld, Syntricity)
  • Semiconductor manufacturing – yield analysis, semiconductor defect analysis (Syntricity)


#1081              Experience as a patent consulting expert for the Global Positioning System, GIS, Navigation, Telecom, Storage, and Embedded Computing industries.  Expert has been deposed for an ITC matter. 

  • User Interface design – embedded graphical and menu interfaces for mobile, GPS, robotic and security applications
  • GIS mapping software interface and design including Google Maps, Microsoft MapPoint – Bing Maps, Know-Where Systems, ArcView
  • GPS, Teleconferencing, Radar and wireless circuit design and signal processing algorithms
  • Software / algorithm development using C, C++, Java, Python, Perl
  • High performance computing architectures and switched fabrics
  • Database development using MySQL and Oracle
  • Communications protocols including TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, NTP, CDMA, GPRS, GSM and CDPD
  • Textual and Natural Language processing in Python
  • Enterprise network applications development using BSD sockets on Linux/Unix
  • Audio and Video CODECs
  • 8/16/32/64 bit microprocessor circuitry design


#1093              This consultant has over 30 years of industry experience in computer science. He is the author of many books used at universities and holds patents and numerous publications.  This consultant has a great deal of litigation experience and testifying experience.


  • Computer networking
  • Computer security
  • Cyptography in software engineering
  • Database
  • Operating systems
  • Web development


#1103              Consultant is a professor with over 20 years of experience in the software industry and has been a contributor to multiple commercially successful consumer and enterprise applications.  He is the author of numerous academic publications including a book on web technology.   Consultant has a considerable amount of litigation experience and testifying experience.


  • Collaborative Filtering (Recommender Systems)
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW)
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Information Retrieval and Web Search
  • Information Seeking and Web Use
  • Informetrics, Analytics and Behavioral Log Analysis
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases / Data Mining
  • Knowledge Management Systems 
  • Semantic Web


#1242              Consultant is a professor in the computer department who has served as an expert witness regarding Intellectual Property issues, especially software patents related to database systems including efficient storage and retrieval. Investigating, reporting and giving expert testimony on Intellectual Property as well as Criminal Activity. Development, including Project Management of E-commerce systems and Data Warehouses, Data Analytics, Database Architecture, Performance Tuning and Backup and Recovery of Database Systems (especially Oracle) – Knowledgeable of key issues with Oracle 7 through latest Oracle releases.


#1250              Consultant has a PhD in Electrical engineering and computer science  from an IVY league university.  He has Experience with Internet(database backed web sites), compilers, and display technologies including projector-camera systems, HDMI, GPU computing, peer-to-peer, instant messaging, pub sub systems, HTTP, TCP, UDP, thin and thick client, affiliate marketing, click-through models, subscription models, search optimization, caching, relational database community-based web sites, social networking, computer graphics, digital image warping etc. Such work in these areas that he has done is pioneering. Additionally, he has participated in international standards processes. He is experienced in writing code in C++, Java, C, Postscript, C#, etc.


#1450              Consultant has a PhD in Computer Science with over 40 years industry experience in  electronic commerce, databases, fighting spam, electronic voting. Consultant has extensive expert witness experience.