The following are expert witnesses for display technology matters. Our experts cover the technologies of but not limited to: optoelectronics, CMOS image sensors, AMLCD, LCD, flat panel display with deposition and testifying experience.


#1018              Expert holds a Ph.D. in Optoelectronics. He has over 175 patents, has been engaged on six matters including an ITC trial.  His technical background specializes in CMOS based image sensor materials, devices, optics, optical switching and products, high speed silicon drivers for VCSEL based circuits, modules, and systems.


  • CMOS image sensors materials
  • Devices
  • Optical switching
  • Optics
  • Optoeletronics


#1043              Expert with a Ph.D. in Physics.  Expertise in display technology (LCD), lasers, optics and electro-optics.    He has over 37 patents, over 500 publications and has litigation experience including testimony. 


#1066              Expert technical and business knowledge of solid state devices & circuits, Flat Panel Displays and RFID. Patent expert with testifying experience.


  • AMLCDs and other flat panel displays
  • RFID chip and reader design
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Solid state circuits


#1069              Expert is a professor in the department of electrical engineering and computing systems, has authored several books and publications.   He is a device scientist with particular strengths in arrayed devices, rapid prototyping, electronic materials, electronic displays, flexible electronics, electro-fluidics, biosensors, and optics.


#1197               Consultant specializes in holography and optics specifically in the following areas:

  • C and C++ Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Electro-Optics and Holography
  • Mathematics/Physics
  • Photochemistry


#1198              Consultant has worked in the display and lighting industry since the mid 1960’s beginning with holographic imaging.  He has worked for major corporations regarding print ad laser effects, and lasers in videos.


#1201              Expert is a Ph.D. and has an industry background in microelectronics and optics research and development in the fields of semiconductor device fabrication, micro-optics, opto-electronic packaging, integrated opto-electronic systems, display technology, and parallel computing architectures. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Avanced packaging
  • Classical and quantum optics
  • Communication and information theory
  • Compound semiconductor devices Computer and memory architectures
  • Digital and analog VLSI design
  • Display technologies
  • Guided-wave optics technologies
  • Liquid crystal technology and components
  • Low-cost, wafer-level manufacturing
  • Microelectronics fabrication processes
  • Microfluidics structures
  • Micromachining
  • Neuromorphic computing
  • Optical high-speed interconnection
  • Optical storage technologies
  • Optical telecommunication and switching
  • Optoelectronic integration and packaging
  • Refractive and diffractive micro-optics
  • Signal processing
  • Thermomechanical design
  • WDM transmission and switching

Consultant has testifying experience.


#1312              Expert has an extensive background in power electronics spanning over 40 years.  He has designed power supply failsafe or protection circuits,  has in-depth knowledge of analog electronics, switching and linear power supplies, high current and low inductance electrical connectors, thermal design, high current/voltage switches, display devices such as TV and monitor design and operation.  Expert has litigation experience.