The following are expert witnesses for lighting LED matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: LED light fixtures, light reflectors, electro-optics, LED bulb, light emitting diode with deposition and testifying experience.


#1161              Consultant is a design engineer for lighting industry, working in the light and heat therapy to design, specifications sourcing and testing of LED light fixtures.


#1162              Consultant has experience with luminaires for plant lighting comes from observing their evolution over the years as they continued to evaluate new technologies in the Utah State University Research Greenhouses.  He has designed and built some specialized luminaires (“light reflectors”) for custom applications in controlled environment chambers. 


#1197               Consultant specializes in holography and optics specifically in the following areas:

  • Electro-Optics and Holography
  • Photochemistry
  • Mathematics/Physics
  • C and C++ Programming
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Electronics


#1198               Consultant has worked in the display and lighting industry since the mid 1960’s beginning with holographic imaging.  He has worked for major corporations regarding print ad laser effects, and lasers in videos.


#1241               Consultant is a professor in the department of Electrical and computer Science. His primary research interest is in the field of compound semiconductor materials and devices. His studies include epitaxial growth, materials characterization, device processing and fabrication, device design, and device characterization. Devices include heterobipolar transistors, light-emitting diodes, and lasers for communication, lighting, and sensing applications. Consultant has expert witness experience with testifying experience.


#1244               Consultant is a professor who’s research interests are in:

  • Fundamentals of Nanostructured Materials Synthesis, Properties and Devices
  • High contrast gratings and metastructures
  • Broadband optical communications and enabling devices
  • Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSEL)
  • Optical Micro-electro-mechanical structures (MEMS)

Consultant has a great deal of litigation experience with testifying experience.


#1245              Consultant has Successfully led the research, development and engineering of various opto-electronic devices, especially GaN-based LED for the past 9 years.  He has 25+ years of wide experience in opto-electronic product development, from epi to device to package, with especially deep expertise in device modeling and characterization. Consultant has 32 awarded patents (of which 21 are on LEDs) and 105 refereed publications in journals and conference proceedings.


#1246              Consultant is an Emeritus Professor of Physics and holds several LED and optical acoustic sensor patents.  He had  research and development work on advanced optical systems, especially lighting systems using LEDs.


#1375              Consultant is an applied physicist with experience in the lighting, electronics, fire, consulting, security and oil industries. His executive experience includes senior positions managing the R&D efforts of a number of industrial high technology businesses and leading signaling manufacture in the fire and life safety industry.  He has expert witness experience along with deposition.


#1384              Consultant has Developed world’s first professional multi-rotor flight controller and he invented high CRI color temperature changing solid-state white LED light bulb replacements now sold by Philips. Consultant has expert witness experience.


#1395              Consultant has been involved high tech product development, intellectual property (IP) issues, projection displays, lens and optical system design, thin film optical filters, non-imaging optics, LCD flat panel displays and modules, backlighting of flat panel displays, light emitting diode (LED) product development, injection molding, chip-on-board development, and High Definition Television (HDTV) systems.   He is an inventor on twenty-six patents (both US and foreign), including one US design patent. He has extensive expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1401             Consultant has 25+ Years of Organizational Leadership in Strategic Planning, Organizational Effectiveness, Research, Product Development, and Manufacturing Transfer of Volume Products. Focus areas include the formation/rework of product development organizations; the design and deployment of product and process development processes, ranging from homogeneous to heterogeneous cultural organizations.  Products include medical, microelectronics, LEDs and applications in automotive and general lighting, optical fiber and photonic amplifier components, LCOS microdisplays, camera modules, optical switch engines, quantum dots, RFID tags, and wireless nodes/base stations. He has expert witness experience.


#1405             Consultant has Electronic product design and semiconductor applications engineering experience since 1977. Solid State Lighting (SSL), LED technology, forensics and photometric measurement experience since 2010. Areas of expertise include LED applications engineering, embedded microcontroller system design, wired and wireless control network technologies. Granted nine US patents (others pending), licensed Professional Engineer, voting member of the Underwriters Laboratory UL8750 Standards Technical Panel for LED Devices, and prior Chairman of the Board for the IEEE-CNSV. Fact witness in two civil cases, retained and used experts from the employer/client perspective.


#1412              Consultant has expert witness experience writing reports and being deposed in the field of  light emitting diodes (LEDs), laser diodes (LDs), integrated circuits (ICs), sensors, discrete power transistors and passive devices technology.

Consultant conceived innovative contributions to the development of the manufacturing, process design and device architectures of electronic and optoelectronic circuits. Devices include high temperature and high power electronics. Designed and implemented effective learning environment for courses in semiconductor device physics, microelectronics, electromagnetics and control systems.


#1443             Consultant is  an internationally recognized expert for LEDs and lighting technology development, products design, testing, standards, and regulations. In particular his LED lighting product development expertise is in the areas of optical design, thermal management, and lighting configurations. He has expert witness and deposition experience.