The following are expert witnesses for medical devices matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: cardiovascular, orthopedics, stents, biotech with deposition and testifying experience.


#1001              Expert has been retained as expert witness in litigation regarding the failure of electrical and electronic devices and systems and has testified in the court. 

Research areas: 

  • Semiconductor Processing:
  • Sputtering
  • Photolithography
  • Plasma Deposition
  • Mask Design
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Metalorganic Chemical vapor Deposition (MOCVD)
  • Diamond Deposition
  • Plasma Etching
  • Electron Beam deposition
  • Oxidation, Diffusion, and Ion Implantation
  • Process Equipment Design and Construction
  • Thin Film processing
  • Thick Film processing
  • Packaging
  • Wire bonding
  • 3D ICs processing

Medical Instrumentations:

  • Ballisocardiography
  • Wireless diagnostic systems.

Design and implementations of Electric and Electronic Circuits and Systems

  • Systems for Heating Tissues.
  • Ultra Sound Generators
  • Infra-Red Heaters.
  • Control systems for Refrigerators.
  • Electrical circuits rectifications, control, filtering, sensing, digital to analog conversion, analog to digital conversion, and amplifications


  • DNA sensors.
  • Fabrication of Micro-pump.
  • Fabrication and testing of diamond field emission devices.
  • Design and simulation of MEMS gas sensor.


  • Growth of high dielectric materials (BaSrTiO) for RF MEMS applications.
  • Material growth and characterization of ultrananocrystalline diamond thin films using microwave plasma enhance chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique;
  • DNA Sensors.

Material growth and characterization:

  • Growth of BaSrTiO using Pulsed Laser Deposition technique (PLD)
  • Growth of Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technique.
  • Growth of Diamond using Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition.
  • Characterization of Gallium Nitride materials.
  • Characterization of semi-insulating and ion-implanted GaAs materials.
  • Silicon technology.

Device Fabrication and characterization:

  • Fabrication and characterization of GaAs MESFETs and IGFETS.
  • Fabrication and characterization of ZnSe/Ge p-n junction diodes.
  • Fabrication and Characterization of ZnSe/GaAs p-n junction diodes.
  • Fabrication and characterization of Metal/BaSrTiO/p-Si MOS diodes.
  • Fabrication and characterization of ITO/Diamond hetero-structure diodes.
  • Fabrication and characterization of Diamond Field Emission Devices.
  • Characterization of Magnesium Oxide MOS devices.

Integrated circuit Fabrication

  • GaAs digital logic gates.
  • GaAs MESFET Digital to Analog Converter.

Design and Fabrication of Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS)

  • Micro pump design and fabrication
  • Design of Pressure, strain, pH, and temperature MEMS sensors for dental implant evaluations and teeth grinding behavior studies. The sensors were designed using the Multiphysics software “COMSOL”

Modeling and Simulation

  • Modeling for GaAlAs/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for circuit simulation CAD tools.
  • Modeling for ZnSe/Ge Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for circuit simulation CAD tools.
  • Modeling of n and p type GaAlAs Quantum Well MODFETs.
  • Non-quasi-static modeling of GaAs MESFETs, GaN MESFETs, SiC MESFETs, GaAlAs MODFETs, and GaN MODFETs, HBTs.
  • Modeling using Multiphysics software, COMSOL and Ansys.


#1061              He has extensive expert witness testimony experience in the fields of electronics, computer hardware and software, video game technology, and Electrical Engineering.   Expert also has Court testimony, strategy development, brief preparation, and research in patent infringement litigation as well as Markman hearing experience.

Thirty five years experience managing the development of space systems, electro-optical sensor payloads, and signal and data processors in the aerospace industry.

Expert has invented, developed, and licensed several successfully marketed electronic toys.   Specialties:  Proven record of managing programs within budget and on schedule, new business and proposal development, developing and motivating multidisciplinary teams, space and satellite systems development, electronics design and product development of consumer, commercial, medical, and industrial control products.


  • Electronics
  • Computer Hardware
  • Software
  • Video game technology


#1083              Consultant holds a Ph.D. In mechanical engineering, he is an expert in the areas of failure analysis and accident investigation, and uses this expertise to help develop more reliable product designs in applications like medical device, composites, energy, and vehicles. He has extensive experience in the use of finite element analysis and simulation of structures, heat transfer, and fluid flow and Mechanical Design for Reliability.    He has years of industrial experience and as a professor. In addition he has testifying experience.


  • Composite Materials Design & Damage
    Failure Analysis & Reliability
    §    Finite Element Analysis of Structures and
  • Fluid/Heat Transfer (FEA/CFD)
  • Fracture & Fatigue
    Green energy: Wind Energy, Electric
  • Heat Transfer, & Thermodynamics
    Materials & Metallurgy
    §    Medical device/biotechnology
    §    Piezoelectric components
  • Battery technology
  • Cardiovascular, Orthopedic, Orthodontic
  • Plastics, Molding, & Manufacturing
  • Shock & Vibration Sensitivity
  • Software design, development, QA
  • Solar
  • Structural Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics
  • System Specifications & Test Procedures
  • Telephone set design; keypads
  • Transducers, Accelerometers, MEMs
  • User experience & system interaction
  • User interface design
  • Vehicle & Heavy-Truck Crashworthiness
  • Vehicles


#1098              Expert has over thirty six years of extremely broad based experience in the analysis, simulation, design, development, integration, testing and debug of multi-disciplinary electronic systems.  His primary areas of focus include computer-related technology; embedded hardware; embedded firmware and software for a plurality of hardware platforms, in several different programming languages; medical product design and development; instrumentation and control systems; data communications products; multi-disciplinary system design and simulation; digital and analog circuit design; signal integrity simulation and modeling for high-speed digital circuits; power management and distribution in electronic equipment/products; automatic test equipment (ATE) product development and data compression systems.  He is an experienced forensic consultant and expert witness.


  • Data Compression
  • DVD player technology
  • Electronic Product and Circuit Design, Development, Debug and Integration
  • Electronic Systems Power Distribution
  • Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Interdisciplinary Systems Engineering
  • Medical Electronics and Equipment
  • PC Motherboard and Peripherals Design
  • Printed Circuit Board Engineering, Design Rules and Stackup specification
  • Real Time Applications Programming in C++, C, various Assembly languages and microcode
  • Signal Integrity for High Speed Digital Circuits
  • Simulation and modeling in PSPICE, HyperLynx, Polar CITS25, FORTRAN and BASIC
  • Speech Recognition & Synthesis


#1152              Consultant is a professor in the electrical Engineering department his research focuses on two areas: 1) Droplet based and multiphase microfluidics for high throughput biology, and 2) wearable sensors and microelectronics for health monitoring and point of care diagnostics. Other areas include:

Technology Expertise:

  • Microscale and interfacial flow phenomena
  • MEMS and Microfabrication
  • Microelectronics


#1173              Consultant has served as plaintiff, defendant and expert witness in Patent Litigation (Utility and Design Medical/Dental device patents), and is the inventor on several US and foreign Laser, Photobiology, Medical Device and Dental Device patents. He is an inventor, biochemist, dentist and photo-biologist, and has also served as an expert witness for the past 12 years in Medical/Dental malpractice litigation.


#1306              Consultant has over 35 years of medical device, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and business expertise ranging from aseptic medical device manufacturing and processing to sterile and non-sterile manufacturing.


#1318              Consultant is a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a great amount of design and failure analysis experience with industries from heavy equipment to medical devices.  Expert has a great deal of litigation and testimony experience.


#1319              Consultant is a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with extensive industry consulting experience on a vast array of products spanning many industries from consumer electronics to bioengineering.  He also specializes in fire testing, modeling and analysis and has litigation experience.


#1320              Consultant is An innovative and practical mechanical engineering professional with extensive technical, creative, analysis and managerial experience in the medical device industry He has medical device design experience as well as patent litigation experience, with a trial and depositions as well as forensic case experience.


#1350              Consultant is a professor who is committed to understanding many different musculoskeletal injuries and various disorders. These include occupational and sport injuries, as well as traumatic, non-traumatic and congenital disorders. His research is in:

  •  Knee and Osteoarthritis Research 
  •  Osteoporosis Research 
  •  Shoulder Research 
  • Snow Sports Injury Epidemiology
  • Spine Research

He has expert witness experience.


#1389              Consultant  has over 40 years of engineering and management experience and has been directly engaged in research, design, development, and manufacturing activities in the aerospace, medical device, toy and consumer product fields. His education includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering, a MS in Mechanical Engineering and a MA in Management. He is the inventor or co- inventor of 30 U.S. Patents, 27 of which are for medical devices. His responsibilities have ranged from original product conception through high volume manufacturing, including plastic extrusion, injection molding, assembly, decorating, labeling and packaging.


#1397             Expert is an Entrepreneur with a research background developing new medical devices to restore & control organ function using neuromodulation.   He has developed class II & III medical devices in Startup and in big corporate environments. He is the lead inventor on 57 out of 80+ patent applications and his startup work included the development of regulatory path, reimbursement strategy and the setup of a new QA/QMS prior to US clinical studies. He has extensive clinical (incl. FDA pivotal) and pre‐clinical experience, designing IRB / IACUC cleared protocols & executing studies. Recent work includes IP assessment as IP expert witness.


#1406              Consultant is a professor in Electrical engineering who has expertise in:

  • Low power analog/digital/mixed-mode circuit designed for wireless, biomedical, sensor, and RF applications.
  • System integration and interface design for operating micro, nano, and bio-systems.
  • Innovation and leadership in the field of implantable devices, neural interfaces, and assistive technologies.
  • Smart, wireless, and wearable systems for healthy living and improved quality of life
  • He has expert witness experience.


#1411              Consultant is a professor his research focuses on developing new, inexpensive, and deployable sensing solutions. He largely focus on building sensing systems to solve hard problems in health sensing, technologies for the developing world, and novel user interaction, with an eye toward reducing deployment barriers. Specifically, he focuses on tablets, and smartwatches.


#1421               Consultant has over 25+ years of experience in design, development, and failure investigations of medical devices & technologies for minimally invasive surgery, endovascular interventions, soft tissue repair & regeneration. Significant expertise in product failure analysis, intellectual property, patent claims analysis as applied to device design, mechanism of action, and outcomes for advanced interventional and implantable devices.


#1422              Consultant is an experienced expert witness with deposition and court testimony experience. He has a deep technical background in mechanics, materials and physiology as they relate to impact and injury etiology with Extensive experimental experience in computer-controlled data acquisition in industrial and traffic accidents using accelerometers, strain gauges, ultrasound, and similar sensors. Consultant’s background is in biomechanics, concentrating on mechanical effects in medical devices and on mechanical factors in physiology.


#1433              Consultant is a professor of Bioengineering who investigates the roles of sensing and mechanical design and motor control, in both humans and robots. His research interests focus on manipulation, the sense of touch, and human-machine interfaces. Biomedical applications of this work include robotics and image-guided surgery.  He is an experienced expert witness with a great deal of litigation experience along with testifying.


#1435              Consultant is a professor and expert witnee in bioelectricity and the modular design of biological implants in general and neural prosthetic devices in particular.


#1438              Consultant is a professor in biomedical engineering who has worked as an expert witness on the wearable sensors technology.


#1456              Consultant is a professor in the department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and (since 2003) Department of Biomedical Engineering His interest are in computational analysis of direct drug delivery and medical device design with a focus on drug-aerosol targeting of lung tumors.


#1469              Expert became an industry consultant after 20 years of academic experience.  He holds a mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering degrees. He consults on mechanical devices and biotech devices. He has expert witness experience.


#1471              Consultant has medical device and automation experience since 1986. Areas of expertise include full life cycle product development of medical devices from conception through development including manufacturing, bench testing, verification, validation, packaging, labeling, clinical trials, regulatory approval, marketing, and sales training. Granted 26 patents (others pending), 7 awards, designs published by Life Magazine, was recognized as one of 100 notable people in the medical device industry by the Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MD&DI) publication in June 2008.


#1475              Consultant is an expert with a solid technical background and significant practical experience in the design and development of a variety of medical devices. He has particular technical expertise in development of advanced polymeric and metallic materials for use in cardiovascular, orthopedic and drug delivery applications. His experience includes fundamental and practical research, research management, product development, manufacturing, technology assessment and intellectual property. He a prolific inventor with thirty-one U.S. patents and numerous foreign patents issued to date. Consultant has been engaged by major law firms involved in various aspects of patent litigation and product liability litigation concerning the design, development and manufacturing of medical devices. He has provided services to these law firms as a consultant and as a testifying technical expert in patent litigation, product liability as well as USPTO Reexamination Proceedings and Inter Partes Reviews (IPR).