The following are expert witnesses for mobile systems matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: wireless networks, wireless security, cellular, UI with deposition and testifying experience.


#1022              Professor in Computer Science this Expert has litigation experience in over eight cases, has three patents, recipient in over 63 grants and contracts.  He has given or been on over 96 invited talks and panels and has written close to 300 publications.  


  • Computer Networks
  • Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems
  • Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Security
  • CyberSecurity
  • Internet Quality of Support


#1027              Professor in Computer Science has written books and numerous papers covering computer and network security, operating systems, distributed systems, computer networks, and mobile computing.


  • Network security (IP spoofing, DDoS defense, botnets, worm defense)
  • Wireless networks and mobile computing
  • File systems and optimistic replication
  • Distributed systems security
  • Distributed systems
  • Operating systems
  • Optimistic concurrency control mechanisms for parallel and distributed systems


#1030             Broad operating experience in senior technical roles at Fairchild, Intel, ESL/TRW, GTE, and three startup companies spanning the semiconductor, printing, and defense industries. Author and owner of 21 issued patents.  Semiconductors and Electronic Packaging, Electro-mechanical systems and mobile systems/smart phones and ancillary devices. . He has written expert reports.


  • Electro-mechanical systems
  • Electronic packaging
  • Mobile systems
  • Printing
  • Semiconductors packaging


#1041              Expert has a broad background includes 802.11 wireless, Linux and Android operating systems for smartphones.   His litigation experience includes trial and deposition testimony, expert reports, as well as infringement and invalidity analysis, prior art searches, source code reviews, lab testing, and patent portfolio review.   He holds 4 patents and has litigation experience in over 30 cases.


#1046              Consultant has over thirty years of experience in the field of electrical, RF and telecommunications engineering. He has worked for private organizations and has been a founder of several successful start-up telecommunications companies. Expert holds over 35 US and International Patents in the telecommunications field. He has a great deal of litigation experience along with testifying experience.


  • Cellular
  • GPS technologies
  • Mobile
  • Networks
  • Phones:  standards, services, and systems
  • Wired technologies
  • Wireless technologies


#1051              Consultant holds an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. and has over 40 years of wireless telecommunication industry experience.   He has invented over 30 patents and applications, lectured at respected institutes and has a great deal of litigation along with testifying experience.


  • Mobile phones and networks: LTE (4G), WCDMA – UMTS (3G), 3GPP HSDPA – HSUPA, Wimax (4G) LMDS OFDMA based
  • 3GPP and 3GPP2 protocol stack MAC/RRC/RLC, smartphones, low power design, GUI
  • Software technologies: Voice applications, Parallel computing, Distributed computing, Mobile applications, C, C++, Matlab, Assembly, Client Server, Remote desktop, Voice streaming, Media streaming
  • Alliance: 3GPP HSPA/WLAN, Blue Tooth, BTLE, UWB, 802.16 WiMax
  • LBS: 3GPP GPS / 3GPP2 A-GPS, Location Based Services, LBS tracking, GPS database
  • Computer architecture: Processor design, DSP, RISC/CISC, Memory, hardware abstraction, Virtualization, Virtual machines
  • Mobile computing: 3GPP baseband processing, channel coding and modem, application processors, graphics processors, Display and power management
  • Music, Voice and Video coding and encoding, including MP3, MP2, VoIP, 3GPP AMR, 3GPP2 EVRC, WB


#1057              Consultant is a Professor Emeritus and specializes in the full  spectrum of computer and network technologies.  He has served as an expert witness on numerous cases  where the technology has been applied to general computing platforms including: mainframes, servers, workstations, notebooks, set-top boxes, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, eBook readers, and embedded computers.   He has a great deal of testifying experience.


  • Computer architecture and systems
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Distributed objects
  • Distributed programming
  • Distributed systems
  • Mobile phones
  • Network applications and protocols
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Operating systems
  • Real-time systems
  • Security
  • Web support and applications


#1072              Expert has been a fact witness and expert witness in half a dozen high profile patent cases in the mobile technology area that involved Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, Google, etc.

He was one of the initial developers who created one of the world’s first tablet computers in the late ‘80s and worked on the architecture of the ASP.Net.  He holds several patents and has litigation and testifying experience.  


  • Payment processing
  • PDA designed
  • UI
  • Touchpad


 #1073              Expert is a researcher in human‐computer interaction, he creates useful and usable interactive technologies that improve people’s access to and interaction with computers and information, particularly for impaired users or users in impairing situations. He combines computer science, interaction design, and psychology to invent new user interface technologies for desktop, web, mobile, and surface computing platforms. He also formally measures and models human performance with computing systems. Many of his contributions concern input via text entry, pointing, touch, and gesture, often but not exclusively for people with motor or sensory disabilities. He holds many patents and publications. He has expert witness experience.


  • Mobile technology
  • UI
  • Interaction design
  • Touch Gesture


#1081              Experience as a patent consulting expert for the Global Positioning System, GIS, Navigation, Telecom, Storage, and Embedded Computing industries.  Expert has been deposed for an ITC matter. 


  • User Interface design – embedded graphical and menu interfaces for mobile, GPS, robotic and security applications
  • GIS mapping software interface and design including Google Maps, Microsoft MapPoint – Bing Maps, Know-Where Systems, ArcView
  • GPS, Teleconferencing, Radar and wireless circuit design and signal processing algorithms
  • Software / algorithm development using C, C++, Java, Python, Perl
  • High performance computing architectures and switched fabrics
  • Database development using MySQL and Oracle
  • Communications protocols including TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, NTP, CDMA, GPRS, GSM and CDPD
  • Textual and Natural Language processing in Python
  • Enterprise network applications development using BSD sockets on Linux/Unix
  • Audio and Video CODECs
  • 8/16/32/64 bit microprocessor circuitry design


#1082              Consultant holds a E.E. Ph.D. from a top Massachusetts university and is currently a professor teaching in the Electrical and Computer Engineering;  Professor of Computer Science. 


  • GPS
  • Robotics


#1088              Consultant is a professor who has over 50 years of experience in communications research and development. In the last 20 years, his work has concentrated on new emerging mobile and wireless communications networks. His areas of expertise include communication theory and techniques, systems engineering, communication networks, digital telephony, wireless communications, radio-wave propagation, spread- spectrum, secure communications, and digital signal processing. He holds two U. S. Patents related to reliable digital transmission over wireless channels. He has published numerous journal and conference papers, and co-authored three books, as well as chapters in multi-author handbooks and encyclopedias.


#1102              Professor in Computer Science who focuses his research on wireless data communications mobile computing as well as software wed applications.  This expert has numerous publications as well as books.  He has a great deal of litigation experience with testifying experience.


  • Mobile Computing
  • Software
  • Web
  • Wireless Data Communications


 #1103              Consultant is a professor with over 20 years of experience in the software industry and has been a contributor to multiple commercially successful consumer and enterprise applications.  He is the author of numerous academic publications including a book on web technology.   Consultant has a considerable amount of litigation experience and testifying experience.


  • Collaborative Filtering (Recommender Systems)
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW)
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Information Retrieval and Web Search
  • Information Seeking and Web Use
  • Informetrics, Analytics and Behavioral Log Analysis
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases / Data Mining
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Semantic Web


#1116              Consultant is a professor of Electrical Engineering whose expertise is:

  • Computer Networks and Protocols, TCP/IP
  • Internet Applications, Web, Client-Server, VoIP, CDNs, and Video/Multimedia Networking
  • Networking Devices and Interfaces, Switches, and Routers
  • Telecommunication and Telephone Networks, PSTN and SS7, Internet Media Gateways
  • Wireless and Mobile Networks

He has worked on many litigation matters including ITC matters.


#1118          Consultant is a professor in Computer Science and Engineering which research interests are Network, Internet, telecommunications, and systems security, with interests in language-based security, voting systems, provenance, secure storage, cell phone operating systems and privacy. Consultant has expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1123              Consultant is a professor in electrical and computer Engineering He researches on wireless communications, mobility management, fast protocols, optical networks, and optical switching. Consultant is an author of numerous technical papers and holds eighteen patents in the fields of high-speed networking, wireless networks, and optical switching. His interests include: mobile and wireless communication and networks, biologically-inspired networks, and modeling of complex systems. This consultant has a great deal of litigation experience with testifying.


#1137              Consultant  has over 35 years’ experience in electronics design, computer systems, communications systems, hardware, and software. He worked on packet-switching networks, including the ARPAnet and early TCP/IP systems at BBN in the 1970’s, custom Very-Large-Scale Integrated Circuits at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in 1981, designed the production Xerox single-chip Optical Mouse, assisted Jim Clark (later founder of Silicon Graphics, Inc.) in testing his first Geometry Engine chips, and led the custom chip design efforts for the Apple Macintosh team in 1982 – 1983. He also led Apple’s efforts to support TCP/IP, and ran Apple’s first internet commerce pilot program. He was Director of Technology at Netscape from 1996 – 1997. At Xerox, he also led initial deployment and internal communications efforts related to Ethernet. At Apple and at Netscape he was very active with standards efforts. He studied packet voice in a graduate seminar at MIT, and has also worked on wired and wireless communications systems, including 802.11. He combines a strong understanding of technology with an in-depth approach to business needs.

Consultant has expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1164              Consultant  is  a professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  He has over 25 years of experience in embedded systems development as a project/ development manager. His expertise includes:   embedded systems, microprocessors, wireless, mobile communications, telecommunications and robotics. He has expert witness experience.


#1212              Consultant is a professor who has testified in federal court as an expert witness in the fields of computer science, computer engineering and software engineering.  His research interests are primarily the many aspects of concurrent processing, with an emphasis on its formalization by means of programming, prototyping and specification formalisms with supporting tools.


#1457              Consultant is a professor in the department of electrical and computer Engineering.  His research interests are in the areas of mobile and wireless networks with a focus on protocol design, performance evaluation, and at-scale field trials. Consultant has expert witness experience along with testifying.