The following are expert witnesses for network security matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: computer networks, wireless networks, mobile computing with deposition and testifying experience.


#1002              This consultant with a Ph.D. in Electrical engineering used to be a research professor in a  University. He has been retained as an expert witness in the technical areas of:

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE, HSPA, software-defined radio, satellite).
  • Cable (DOCSIS, bandwidth management).
  • Optical (free-space optics, passive optical networks).
  • Digital TV (ATSC, non-real-time video delivery).
  • Video (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, HEVC, ABR streaming, HD/3D/4K/8K coding, VP8/9).
  • Interactive TV (smartphone and tablet remotes, hand gesture and voice control).
  • Multiple access protocols (contention and contention-free protocols, contention arbitration).
  • Network security and digital rights management (AES, EAP, TLS, invisible watermarking).
  • Gigabit Ethernet LANs/WANs.


#1027              Professor in Computer Science has written books  and numerous papers covering  computer and network security, operating systems, distributed systems, computer networks, and mobile computing.


  • Network security (IP spoofing, DDoS defense, botnets, worm defense)
  • Wireless networks and mobile computing
  • File systems and optimistic replication
  • Distributed systems security
  • Distributed systems
  • Operating systems
  • Optimistic concurrency control mechanisms for parallel and distributed systems


#1050              Doctor holds a Computer Science Ph.D from a top rated university focuses his research on topics that range from operating and distributed systems, to virtualization, to programmable network devices and communication accelerators, to active and adaptive middleware and I/O. Cloud computing. Expert has published books and many publications.


#1060              Consultant is currently a Professor of Electrical Engineering, he has designed and taught graduate courses on Bio-Surveillance, Image Processing, Computer Networks, Fault Tolerant Computing, and Data Compression in the past twenty years. He has given seminars on the aforementioned topics all over the world. He has authored over 200 technical articles in the areas of image processing, bio-surveillance, biometrics, document analysis, computer networks, fault tolerant computing, parallel processing, and data compression. His research has been funded by NSF, NASA, DOE, Boeing, Lockheed and Cray Inc.


#1064              Expert is a professor in the Computer Science department at a top University. He authored few books and publications in the cryptography, network security area. He has expert witness experience and has testified in court.


  • Network security
  • Cryptography
  • Systems security
  • Software hardening
  • System self-healing
  • Network denial of service
  • Information accountability and privacy


#1087              Ph.D. in Computer Science, this expert is a professor in the computer science department.   He holds few patents in network security and numerous publications.   In addition he has expert witness experience. 


#1091              Consultant is a seasoned high technology executive with 30+ years of management experience in both small and large business environments. He has a strong technical background with emphasis on wireless, security, and networking.  One of his early stage companies focused on providing broadband Internet and phone service to commercial aircraft and private planes in flight and at another which he had corporate responsibility over a wireless restart involving radio subsystems for satellite and terrestrial wireless infrastructures.  He has a great deal of litigation and testifying experience.


  • 3G/ 3G
  • Networking
  • Radio
  • Wireless
  • Wireless security


#1093              This consultant has over 30 years of industry experience in computer science. He is the author of many books used at universities and holds patents and numerous publications.  This consultant has a great deal of litigation experience and testifying experience.

His expertise is:

  • Computer networking
  • Computer security
  • Cyptography in software engineering
  • Database
  • Operating systems
  • Web development


#1192              Consultant has a Ph.D. and is currently a Professor of Computer Science.  He has extensive professional experience with databases, research experience with cryptography and security, and has taught classes in data structures, algorithms, operating systems, networking, network and system security, and cryptography. Consultant has litigation experience which includes copyright and patent matters and has testified.


#1315              Expert has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering and is currently a Computer and Information Science and Engineering Associate Professor.   He specializes in Storage and Systems Security; Network Security.


#1316              Expert has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Acoustics.  He has experience in research and systems development in cellular and mobile wireless networks, mobility management, mobile data systems including networks, protocols, and applications, security for wireless networks, wideband signal processing, user interface (UI) design, modulation theory, algorithms, mathematical/analytical modeling, communication, detection and estimation, and control systems.