The following are expert witnesses for pharmacology matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: toxicology, 340b drug discount program with deposition and testifying experience.


#1109              Consultant leads all aspects of the federal 340b Drug discount Program offerings, including sales, marketing, and business development initiatives. Broadly responsible for exceeding operations, sales growth, customer retention, and channel partner goals.


#1153              Consultant has a PhD in Pharmacology he is a medical expert witness specializing in toxicology and pharmacology for the past 30 years. He has academic and industry employment efforts with well over 50+ depositions and 50+ trials of experience.


#1444              Consultant is an accomplished and licensed pharmacist with 17+ years of acute-care/hospital experience. Thorough knowledge of computerized drug-distribution systems, drug-utilization evaluation, complex equipment and delivery systems, emerging medications, inventory management and regulations governing pharmacy services. Serving as an effective liaison between the healthcare team and the community to improve drug usage and therapeutic outcomes. Expert witness experience.