The following are expert witnesses for point of sale matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: software, payment security, authentication with deposition and testifying experience.


#1020              Professor holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from an Ivy school. He is an expert with over 20 patents in the field of barcode, printing and imaging technology, he has experience in three litigation matters with testifying experience.  He has numerous publications including books and journal articles.


  • Barcode
  • Imaging technology
  • Printing
  • Software


#1029              Expert has released web-based product line of tools and services for IP attorneys and has expert witness experience including patent analysis, source code analysis, copyright and trade secret analysis and presentation. He has developed forensic code compare and video processing tools:   (perl, Applescript).  Developed video capture and network transmission: Java, C, C++, CodeWarrior, MPW, QuickTime, Firewire IEEE 1394.   Internet and Database Consulting. Invention and development of  large web-enabled database systems including the Global Media Exchange,, and the new National Bicycle Registry (Sun Enterprise, Oracle RDBMS and Application Server, PL/SQL).  (Oracle, PL/SQL, perl, iRefinery, Ruby on Rails). He has Testifying experience.


  • Database
  • E-Commerce
  • Network transmission
  • Servers and clients
  • Software ( Java, C, C++, CodeWarrior.)
  • Video capture
  • Web- based products


 #1084              Consultant holds a Ph.D. in Electrical engineering, he consults on software. He has served as an expert witness.


  • Automata theory
  • Automated tool development
  • Computer architecture
  • Computer networking
  • Computer performance measurement
  • Digital computer systems analysis and design
  • Information storage and retrieval systems
  • Numerical analysis
  • Program testing theory
  • Program validation techniques
  • Simulation
  • Software engineering
  • Software systems analysis and development
  • Structured programming techniques