The following are expert witnesses for sensors matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: RF sensors, biosensors,  electronic sensors, wearable sensors with deposition and testifying experience.


#1001              Expert has been retained as expert witness in litigation regarding the failure of electrical and electronic devices and systems and has testified in the court. 

Research areas: 

  • Semiconductor Processing:
  • Sputtering
  • Photolithography
  • Plasma Deposition
  • Mask Design
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Metalorganic Chemical vapor Deposition (MOCVD)
  • Diamond Deposition
  • Plasma Etching
  • Electron Beam deposition
  • Oxidation, Diffusion, and Ion Implantation
  • Process Equipment Design and Construction
  • Thin Film processing
  • Thick Film processing
  • Packaging
  • Wire bonding
  • 3D ICs processing

Medical Instrumentations:

  • Ballisocardiography
  • Wireless diagnostic systems.

Design and implementations of Electric and Electronic Circuits and Systems

  • Systems for Heating Tissues.
  • Ultra Sound Generators
  • Infra-Red Heaters.
  • Control systems for Refrigerators.
  • Electrical circuits rectifications, control, filtering, sensing, digital to analog conversion, analog to digital conversion, and amplifications


  • DNA sensors.
  • Fabrication of Micro-pump.
  • Fabrication and testing of diamond field emission devices.
  • Design and simulation of MEMS gas sensor.


  • Growth of high dielectric materials (BaSrTiO) for RF MEMS applications.
  • Material growth and characterization of ultrananocrystalline diamond thin films using microwave plasma enhance chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique;
  • DNA Sensors.

Material growth and characterization:

  • Growth of BaSrTiO using Pulsed Laser Deposition technique (PLD)
  • Growth of Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technique.
  • Growth of Diamond using Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition.
  • Characterization of Gallium Nitride materials.
  • Characterization of semi-insulating and ion-implanted GaAs materials.
  • Silicon technology.

Device Fabrication and characterization:

  • Fabrication and characterization of GaAs MESFETs and IGFETS.
  • Fabrication and characterization of ZnSe/Ge p-n junction diodes.
  • Fabrication and Characterization of ZnSe/GaAs p-n junction diodes.
  • Fabrication and characterization of Metal/BaSrTiO/p-Si MOS diodes.
  • Fabrication and characterization of ITO/Diamond hetero-structure diodes.
  • Fabrication and characterization of Diamond Field Emission Devices.
  • Characterization of Magnesium Oxide MOS devices.

Integrated circuit Fabrication

  • GaAs digital logic gates.
  • GaAs MESFET Digital to Analog Converter.

Design and Fabrication of Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS)

  • Micro pump design and fabrication
  • Design of Pressure, strain, pH, and temperature MEMES sensors for dental implant evaluations and teeth grinding behavior studies. The sensors were designed using the Multiphysics software “COMSOL”

Modeling and Simulation

  • Modeling for GaAlAs/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for circuit simulation CAD tools.
  • Modeling for ZnSe/Ge Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors for circuit simulation CAD tools.
  • Modeling of n and p type GaAlAs Quantum Well MODFETs.
  • Non-quasi-static modeling of GaAs MESFETs, GaN MESFETs, SiC MESFETs, GaAlAs MODFETs, and GaN MODFETs, HBTs.
  • Modeling using Multiphysics software, COMSOL and Ansys.


#1069              A Professor in a Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems and has authored several books and publications. Device scientist with particular strengths in arrayed devices, rapid prototyping, electronic materials, electronic displays, flexible electronics, electrofluidics, biosensors, and optics.


#1114              Consultant holds a Ph.D. in Physics specializing in sensors.  He has experience in developing prototype packaging and fiber alignment for MOCVD diode lasers, laser & electro-optics systems in aerospace engineering, optical systems and custom LEDs.  Expert is familiar with patent research and due diligence of patent portfolio analysis for the optical, electrical/electronic and mechanical arts.


#1124              Consultant is a professor in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering His interests are in Theoretical and experimental mechanics of smart materials (magnetostrictive alloys, piezoelectric ceramics, shape memory alloys and polymers, magnetorheological fluids, and electroactive polymers)

  • Design, modeling and control of smart sensors and actuators
  • Additive manufacturing and joining processes for smart material structures
  • Adaptive automotive and aerospace components and systems

Consultant has expert witness experience.


#1140              Consultant is a professor in Aerospace Engineering his Specialization is in sensors, electromechanical devices, subscale machines and flying toys. This consultant has a great deal of litigation experience with testifying.


#1149              Consultant is a highly effective new technology strategist – works design, marketing, production, cost and quality concerns that must be addressed for the successful incorporation of new technology. He has expert witness experience.


  • Consumer and industrial scale product experience.
  • Intellectual property creation.
  • M&A due diligence, expert witness.
  • New product development and roll-out.
    • Particular expertise in optics, sensors, ranging, imaging, metrology, lens design, illumination design, lasers and laser systems, laser material processing, solar energy, nanostructures.
  • Skilled hands-on technologist.
  • Strategy, Execution & Leadership.


#1152             Consultant is a professor in the electrical Engineering department his research focuses on two areas: 1) Droplet based and multiphase microfluidics for high throughput biology, and 2) wearable sensors and microelectronics for health monitoring and point of care diagnostics. Other areas include:

Technology Expertise:

  • Microscale and interfacial flow phenomena
  • MEMS and Microfabrication
  • Microelectronics

#1226              Consultant has over 35 years of experience in product development and manufacturing in electronic instrumentation and components; digital communications; audio and acoustics; sensors, Measurement and control systems; signal processing; medical devices; information systems; RF technology, and manufacturing technology. He has served as an expert in intellectual property, product liability, breach of contract, and trade secret matters in cases involving communications, electromechanical systems, medical instruments, and other complex electronic systems. Experience includes extensive trial and deposition testimony on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Fourteen issued patents and one pending.


#1229              Consultant has extensive litigation and trial experience. He has been deposed dozens of times and testified in numerous trials. Consultant is a multi-disciplined inventor with 48 patents and applications, business creator and marketer with 23 years of experience in various areas of Electronic and Product Design, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Internet Electronics, Sales, Marketing and Publicity.

Areas of Expertise include:

  • Access Control
• Advertising
• Automotive Electronics
• Automotive Security
• Consumer Electronics
• Contract Analysis
• Direct Response
• Defect Analysis
• Discovery Review
• Digital Data Communication • Data Acquisition
• High Speed Communications • Intercoms
• Industrial Design
• Intellectual Property • Internet Electronics
• Man-Machine Interface MMI • Marketing and PR
• Motion Sensors
• Packaging
• Patent Prior Art Analysis
• Product Branding
• Product Design Analysis
• Radio and RF
• Remote Controls
• Sensors
• Security
• Television Advertising
• Trial Strategy
• Wireless Voice


#1314              An expert in biomedical engineering, consultant is a development engineer with over 20 years of experience in teaching and mentoring engineering students, medical device research, medical product research & development, industrial product development, medical device consulting and advancement of new innovative technologies in heart failure therapy devices.  He has litigation experience and been deposed.


#1325              Expert has been consulting and working in the home automation industry for the past 30 years. He has expert witness experience.


#1376             Consultant is a professor with over of 40 years of technical experience His research is in Ladar / Lidar / Laser Radar

  • Non mechanical beam steering
  • Multi-aperture EO systems
  • Directed energy
  • Sensing


#1406              Consultant is a professor in Electrical engineering who has expertise in:

  • Low power analog/digital/mixed-mode circuit designed for wireless, biomedical, sensor, and RF applications.
  • System integration and interface design for operating micro, nano, and bio-systems.
  • Innovation and leadership in the field of implantable devices, neural interfaces, and assistive technologies.
  • Smart, wireless, and wearable systems for healthy living and improved quality of life
  • He has expert witness experience.


#1438              Consultant is a professor in biomedical engineering who has worked as an expert witness on the wearable sensors technology.


#1441             Consultant is a professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research interests include RF and microwave sensors and measurements for scientific, industrial and biomedical applications.


#1484             Consultant is a highly experienced, CalTech educated chip designer who was the former Director of Design Engineering for a large corporation.  His background includes high performance data converter circuits, optoelectronic devices, circuits, packages and systems, RF IC, wireless, wired and fiber-optic communications.