The following are expert witnesses for software matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: C++. C, Perl, HTML , database, JAVA, visual basic and many more programming languages with deposition and testifying experience.


#1005              Expert holds a Ph.D. and over 114 patents. He has been retained in over 25 cases in software trade secrets, patents, copyrights and has testifying experience.  His field of expertise is: programming C++, C, PERL, HTML, SQL, PL/M, PASCAL and FORTRAN on:

  • UNIX workstations (Sparc, RS6000, HP, DEC Alpha, Linux)
  • PC clones under MS-DOS and UNIX


#1006              Expert holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, he has been retained in over 25 cases and has testifying experience.   Technical background regarding fourth generation language design and implementation, PC-based database servers (Novell & IBM Token Ring), process control and simulation (including networking, graphic display and multitasking executive); graphics subsystems; transaction processing subsystem design; mass storage subsystems; co-author of UCSD Pascal operating systems and virtual machines; Java, C++, Visual Basic, XQuery etc.


#1008              Consultant holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from an IVY school, Prior to becoming a Professor in Computer Science he worked in the industry. He has expert witness experience including an ITC matter.


  • Processor Architecture
  • Pipelines
  • Historical Supercomputers


  • Embedded Software
  • Real-time Systems
  • RTOSes


  • Assembly Optimization
  • Linkers and Loaders

IC Design:

  • Electronic Design Automation
  • Logic Synthesis
  • Place-and-route, DRC, LVS


#1009              Retired professor in Computer Science is a software design and validation consultant with Expert witness experience in 20 cases including testimony.  Patents and numerous publications.  Expert has developed an automated tool for reasoning about hardware, software, and algorithms. Co-led development of specification languages and tools for software and distributed systems.   Contributed to research projects on active networks, location-aware computing, and the semantic web.


#1019              This consultant is a technical leader in the computer, software and hard disk industry with over thirty years of experience. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from an Ivy school. This expert has worked over 40 cases, testified in deposition and at trial.  Inventor on seven patents and author of a book and several published technical papers.  His areas of expertise are: 

  • Bus design – system bus – local area network – LAN – bus bridge
  • Standards – ATA – ATAPI – IDE – 1394 FireWire I-Link – SCSI – Futurebus
  • Computer design – CPU – multiprocessor – I/O controller – input/output
  • Memory design – memory controller – cache – Flash memory – RAM, ROM
  • Hard disk – RAID – storage network – SAN – NAS
  • Internet protocol – http – cookies – web server
  • Software – firmware – embedded systems
  • Operating system – file system – file server – file access protocol
  • Simulation – performance – benchmark


#1021              Professor in Computer Science has been in the software industry for 40 years. He has served as an expert witness in various alleged patent infringement cases and in an alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information case. He testified several times in federal and state court as an expert witness in these litigations.


  • Autonomic computing
  • Computer security
  • Databases
  • E‐commerce
  • Web technologies
  • Performance modeling and analysis
  • Service oriented architectures
  • Software performance engineering


#1029              Expert has released web-based product line of tools and services for IP attorneys and has expert witness experience including patent analysis, source code analysis, copyright and trade secret analysis and presentation. He has developed forensic code compare and video processing tools:   (perl, Applescript).  Developed video capture and network transmission: Java, C, C++, CodeWarrior, MPW, QuickTime, Firewire IEEE 1394.   Internet and Database Consulting. Invention and development of  large web-enabled database systems including the Global Media Exchange,, and the new National Bicycle Registry (Sun Enterprise, Oracle RDBMS and Application Server, PL/SQL).  (Oracle, PL/SQL, perl, iRefinery, Ruby on Rails). He has testifying experience.


  • Database
  • e-commerce
  • Network transmission
  • Servers and clients
  • Software ( Java, C, C++, CodeWarrior.)
  • Video capture
  • Web- based products


#1032              He is a professor in Computer Science with over 150 publications and has directed over 60 funded research projects. He has a great deal of litigation experience with testifying experience.

Expert’s research interests include open source software development, computer game culture and technology, virtual worlds for modeling and simulating complex socio-technical processes, software acquisition, secure open architecture systems; gaming and Electronic Commerce (e.g., process components for procurement and acquisition).


#1035              Expert has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from a top university has been in the software and hardware for the past 30 years. He holds many publications and one book.  This expert has a great deal of litigation experience including worked on an ITC matter. His  expertise is with computer software and hardware design, network engineering and security, and embedded systems.


#1036              Expert has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford.   He has programming expertise in the fields of  port/optimize audio compression algorithms: AC-3, MP-3, AAC, audio algorithms, signal processing (C, C++, JAVA, UNIX and assembly language), DSP architectures, embedded processors.  The expert has testifying experience and has worked on software analysis for litigation.


#1075              Expert is professor in Computer Science. He holds several publications and has worked as a consultant in the database technology. In addition Dr. Shapiro has expert witness experience along with testifying experience


  • Database systems
  • Forms management systems
  • Software
  • SQL


#1077              Consultant has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from an Ivy League university, and provides computer software services for a wide range of computer systems ranging from the semiconductor industry to finance industry. He has worked on many patent litigation matters, theft of computer-related intellectual property, and software contract disputes.   He has a great deal of testifying experience.


  • Architecture and design of complex business systems involving database back ends
  • Computer software design, development & deployment
  • Embedded microprocessor designs
  • Forensic data acquisition and analysis
  • Implementation of real-time and media streaming systems
  • Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, assembly language programming
  • Microsoft Visual Studio component and application design
  • Network equipment design and manufacture (LAN cards, routers, bridges)
  • Oracle 8i, 9i and SQL Server 2000 database technology 
  • Security, authentication, networking, firewalls, hacking countermeasures, backups, archives 
  • Service level agreements for customer-outsourced data

  • Web integration of authentication services, streaming media, ad displays, content feed

Domain Expertise for client-server and web-based software applications:

  • ERP systems – Financial, distribution, manufacturing, SF automation applications (Platinum)
  • E-Commerce – Secure web transactions, authentication  (InfrastructureWorld, Syntricity)
  • Semiconductor manufacturing – yield analysis, semiconductor defect analysis (Syntricity)


 #1079              Expert  has extensive experience in Silicon Valley as an engineer, manager, owner of a small development lab focused on machine controls and vice president of a start-up. Following on, he consulted on (SCADA) systems and in recent years has consulted to numerous pharmaceutical and medical device companies on compliance of computerized systems and information technology. He has been an expert witness/consultant on 21 legal cases.   His  professional and technical career focus includes areas such as:

  • Machine controls and motion controls – board level, digital & analog circuit design, firmware and software. Devices include medical instruments, machine tools, hydraulic presses, submarine and aircraft inertial navigation systems, and engraving machines.
  • SCADA and PLC based process control systems and process instrumentation design


 #1081              Experience as a patent consulting expert for the Global Positioning System, GIS, Navigation, Telecom, Storage, and Embedded Computing industries.  Expert has been deposed for an ITC matter. 


  • User Interface design – embedded graphical and menu interfaces for mobile, GPS, robotic and security applications
  • GIS mapping software interface and design including Google Maps, Microsoft MapPoint – Bing Maps, Know-Where Systems, ArcView
  • GPS, Teleconferencing, Radar and wireless circuit design and signal processing algorithms
  • Software / algorithm development using C, C++, Java, Python, Perl
  • High performance computing architectures and switched fabrics
  • Database development using MySQL and Oracle
  • Communications protocols including TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, NTP, CDMA, GPRS, GSM and CDPD
  • Textual and Natural Language processing in Python
  • Enterprise network applications development using BSD sockets on Linux/Unix
  • Audio and Video CODECs
  • 8/16/32/64 bit microprocessor circuitry design


#1084              Consultant holds a Ph.D. in Electrical engineering, he consults on software. He has served as an expert witness.


  • Automata theory
  • Automated tool development
  • Computer architecture
  • Computer networking
  • Computer performance measurement
  • Digital computer systems analysis and design
  • Information storage and retrieval systems
  • Numerical analysis
  • Program testing theory
  • Program validation techniques
  • Simulation
  • Software engineering
  • Software systems analysis and development
  • Structured programming techniques


#1086              Consultant holds a Ph.D in electrical engineering. His expertise is in the design and analysis of electronic systems of all types with a specialty in wireless and software systems. He has extensive experience and expertise in the entire lifecycle, from requirements to testing. Consultant has expert witness experience with expertise in:

  • Statistical communication theory and practice
  • Network layers with strong emphasis on the PHY layer
  • Solid understanding of the system engineering process from requirements to testing
  • Solid understanding of signal processing (analog and digital)
  • Software


#1089              Consultant is a professor of computer and information sciences, His research focuses on understanding how people with disabilities interact with technologies, how improved interface design can change the quality of life, and how human-computer interaction and public policy influence each other.  He has expert witness experience with expertise in:

  • Human computer interaction
  • User interface
  • Web technology


#1102              Professor in Computer Science who focuses his research on wireless data communications mobile computing as well as software wed applications.  This expert has numerous publications as well as books. He has a great deal of litigation experience with testifying experience.


  • Mobile Computing
  • Software
  • Web
  • Wireless Data Communications


#1103              Consultant is a professor with over 20 years of experience in the software industry and has been a contributor to multiple commercially successful consumer and enterprise applications.  He is the author of numerous academic publications including a book on web technology.   Consultant has a considerable amount of litigation experience and testifying experience.


  • Collaborative Filtering (Recommender Systems)
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW)
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Information Retrieval and Web Search
  • Information Seeking and Web Use
  • Informetrics, Analytics and Behavioral Log Analysis
  • Knowledge Discovery in Databases / Data Mining
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Semantic Web


#1113             Consultant on computing devices, software applications and Internet advertising has testified, on the following matters: IP address server analysis and extraction, search engine ranking methods, HTML and XML code analysis, Website analysis, evaluation of custom designed software, custom and practice issues associated with intellectual property licensing fees, source code and object code license agreements, investment letters of intent, secondary considerations for establishing patent validity, software best practices for enterprise software development, methods of measuring license use, measurement data, verification of software use, functionality and conformance with contract development specifications, derivative product rights, best practices with respect to derivative products, conformance to license agreement specifications for software development, use and distribution.


#1117              Consultant is a Professor and Associate Chair for Ph.D. Affairs in the Computer Science Department His research interests are in the area of architecture-based software development. His work focuses on software architecture modeling and analysis; middleware facilities for architectural implementation; domain-specific architectures; architectural styles; and architecture-level support for software development in highly distributed, mobile, resource constrained, and embedded computing environments. He is a co-author of a textbook on software architectures. Consultant has expert witness experience.


#1119              Consultant has over 34 years of experience with software development, test, evaluation, and management. His software engineering experience encompasses large, global software systems, as well as applications and components for smaller niche markets. Projects utilizing his technical and programming skills have ranged from low-level device drivers to high-level, web-enabled, commercial applications. Consultant has expert witness experience.


#1127              Consultant is a seasoned technology expert and business professional with over 10 years of hands-on contributions as a thought leader, technologist, consultant, entrepreneur, and author. He is an expert in computer software systems, with particular emphasis on distributed systems and architectures, service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and Web Services, end-to-end security, quality-of-service (QoS), as well as mobile and wireless systems and applications. He is the author of a book on developing enterprise computing systems which has been adopted by over 100 universities worldwide and also by corporate customers.  Consultant has extensive experience in architecting, developing, optimizing, deploying and managing complex computing systems throughout the world, and technical expertise in developing enterprise-class applications using J2EE, XML, SOAP Web services, and mobile  technologies.   He has expert witness experience.


#1128              Consultant is a professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research interests are in Computer Architecture, Programming Languages and Compilers, Next Generation Embedded Architectures, Reconfigurable Computing, Software Based Simulation of Computer Systems, Low Power Computing, Real Time Systems. Expert has extensive litigation experience.


#1137              Consultant  has over 35 years’ experience in electronics design, computer systems, communications systems, hardware, and software. He worked on packet-switching networks, including the ARPAnet and early TCP/IP systems at BBN in the 1970’s, custom Very-Large-Scale Integrated Circuits at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in 1981, designed the production Xerox single-chip Optical Mouse, assisted Jim Clark (later founder of Silicon Graphics, Inc.) in testing his first Geometry Engine chips, and led the custom chip design efforts for the Apple Macintosh team in 1982 – 1983. He also led Apple’s efforts to support TCP/IP, and ran Apple’s first internet commerce pilot program. He was Director of Technology at Netscape from 1996 – 1997. At Xerox, he also led initial deployment and internal communications efforts related to Ethernet. At Apple and at Netscape he was very active with standards efforts. He studied packet voice in a graduate seminar at MIT, and has also worked on wired and wireless communications systems, including 802.11. He combines a strong understanding of technology with an in-depth approach to business needs.

Consultant has expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1139              Consultant is a professor in the department of computer science. This consultant‘s area of interest are:

  • Programming language design and implementation: compilers, interpreters, and optimization
  • Run-time systems; concurrent and real-time garbage collection; security and safety
  • Object-oriented database systems; database and persistent programming languages and systems
  • Architectural support for programming languages and applications
  • Experimental performance evaluation of prototype systems

He has expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1141              Consultant has been Involved in information technology since 1974 as a developer, software engineer, systems administrator, development team leader, chief software architect, vice-president of R&D, chief technical officer, and information technology consultant for a variety of organizations. Areas of expertise include software engineering, software architecture and design, software licensing, quality assurance and testing, object- oriented development, project management and failure, security, and intellectual property issues.

Have developed, helped develop, or otherwise contributed to a large number of internal, commercial, and corporate software projects, in fields as diverse as defense, flight simulation, space sciences, environmental monitoring, desktop productivity, global telecommunications, financial and investment services, insurance, e-commerce, and international supply chain management. Likewise, have conducted numerous reviews of existing and proposed IT systems, products, projects, and organizations; in the process, have evaluated project management practices, system architecture, software design and implementation, quality assurance and testing practices, security issues, personnel qualifications and performance, Year 2000 compliance, and intellectual property protection.   Consultant has a great deal of litigation experience along with testifying experience.


#1142              Consultant has been in the industry for the past 20 years working in Computer Vision, Biomedical Image Processing, Image Analysis, Software Development, Embedded Systems, SCADA, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Architecture, Pulsed Power, Control Systems, C/C++/C#/.NET, WebKit, Qt, Javascript, Java, J2EE, JBoss, SQL, Perl, LabVIEW, PHP, Python, Matlab, Windows, Linux.   He has expert witness experience and been deposed.


#1148              Consultant has over 25 years of experience in design, development, troubleshooting of a broad range of optical, sensing, computer software, and associated products in both domestic and international markets. Industries served include optical, consumer, biomedical / medical and industrial products.  He has expert witness experience and has provided depositions, assessments of patents and technology (including validity & tests) for U.S. and ITC (Section 337) litigations.


  • Electro-Optical, Optical Devices: Laser, Multi-spectral, LED
  • Digital & Analog Signal-Processing (optical & electronic images)
  • Displays: LCD, LED, flat panel
  • Fiber Optic/Free Space Communication
  • Illumination & Lighting
  • Imaging, Image Processing
  • Medical Devices & Imaging
  • Optical Alignment, Gauging, Sensing
  • Photonics
  • Real-time, On-Line Sensing: QC and Product / Process Control
  • Software & System Integration


#1154              Consultant is a professor in computer science he is the author of 8 patents and over 100 technical papers relating to user interfaces, user experience and the software and technology underlying user facing systems. He has litigation experience along with testifying.


#1158              Consultant has over 42 years of experience working with high technology and information systems for clients in industry and government, including almost 4 decades of software project management experience using automated systems to manage resources. He has programmed software products in Java and other languages, and has had responsibility for protecting multiple bodies of code under trade secret and copyright procedures. He has taught advanced software design in the graduate school of George Washington University, and has written for various publications including Federal Computer Week. Consultant has served as an expert witness and/or consultant in a variety of cases in District, State and Federal courts involving intellectual property misappropriation / infringement, defective computer software, and failed software projects, a number of which involved arbitration, trial by jury, and bench trials. His work also includes General Services Board of Contract Appeals and General Accounting Office bid protests in which awards of contracts valued up to approximately $6 Billion were adjudicated. He was an expert in the celebrated INSLAW software theft case as well as a number of smaller cases where trade secret misappropriation was the core issue.


#1163              Consultant brings over 25 years’ experience in computers and software development including information technology, e-commerce and telecommunications. Consultant  has held international leadership positions while at IBM and AT&T, and has overseen multinational staff on projects and services spanning over 50 countries. His background encompasses IT portfolio strategy, workflow analysis, CRM, EDI, software design and development, computer operations management, outsourcing, and multinational contracts for services.

Consultant’s telecommunications experience spans packet radio, Cellular, satellite, SONET, frame, ATM, MPLS, PBX, voice mail, VOIP, call center, dial, broadband and VPN on networks ranging in size up to OC-786. He has specific consulting and testifying experience in e-commerce, financial card transactions, analysis of IT business process implementation and automated call centers.


#1168              Consultant is one of the more prominent computer scientists studying fraud and fraud prevention. He has performed and published novel research on fraud and authentication since 1993, with a focus on the payments industry since 1995.  He co-founded the first company to address consumer security education, and is a pioneer in that area. He also co-founded a company to address mobile malware.  Consultant has expert witness experience along with testifying experience.


#1171              Consultant has over 30 years of experience in computer science, software engineering, systems and electrical engineering. His expert witness services comprise over fifty six cases, dozens of depositions and court testimony in federal and state courts. His litigation background includes primarily patents, but technology related litigation as well for trade secrets, trade dress, software contract failure, electronics manufacturing, medical devices, database analysis, web site comparisons, enterprise software, management of patent licensing projects, technical advisor for counsel, internet, web site and systems development, software product development, database management systems, software architecture, research and development, and system specification.


#1181            Consultant specializes in Java programming language and has written one of the first books on Java.  He is currently working on advanced financial, networking, and mobile  applications.  He has deposition and testifying experience.


#1185              Consultant possesses an M.B.A and specializes in computer system selection and problem resolution.   He has testified more than 30 times and has been engaged for several dozen expert assignments in more than 25 states, including matters relating to computer system non-performance (both software and hardware), recovery of missing and deleted data, the use of fraudulent computer evidence, intellectual property and computer security.          


#1187              Consultant has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from a prominent university.  Some of his research interests include:  eBusiness technology, electronic voting, and financial systems.  He has an extensive history as an expert witness including testimony for software computer technology matters.


#1188              Consultant has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from a prominent university.    He has experience with software and developing applications.  Expert has patent and copyright experience as well as deposition and testimony.  He has expertise in the following:


 #1189             Consultant is a testifying expert witness who has 30 years of direct hands-on experience in numerous positions in the computer, software and computer storage industries.  He has expertise in the following:

  • Accessibility Standards (Section 508)
  • Backup Software
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Storage
  • Computer Languages, including Java, C, C++ and HTML
  • Distributed Computing
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Fault Tolerant Systems and Highly Reliable Systems
  • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)
  • Kernel Software and Drivers
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Network Storage
  • Open Source Software
  • Outsourcing
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI)
  • Project Management
  • RAID Storage/Storage Arrays
  • Real Time Systems
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Software Auditing
  • Software Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Life Cycle
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Quality
  • Software Testing
  • Trade Secrets, Copyright, Patents
  • UNIX
  • User Documentation
  • Virtualization and Virtualized Storage


#1190                          Consultant is a Ph.D. who’s research is in software testing, all aspects of web applications and web services, software maintenance and evolution, and software measurement. Current projects in testing web applications and web services, model-based testing, test automation, and usable software security.  He has expert witness experience in copyright, patent and trade secret cases.


#1191                          Consultant has worked in developing the kernel of operating systems, as well as a peripherals engineering group, and a multiprocessing group. He also founded his own company specializing in device drivers for the Solaris operating System.    Additionally, he has founded two other software companies and is familiar with copyrights from both the vendor site and the user side.


#1192              Consultant has a Ph.D. and is currently a Professor of Computer Science.  He has extensive experience with databases, data structures and algorithms (having taught the latter of both classes many times, for starters), can read CLI and understands networking principles. Consultant has litigation experience which includes copyright matters and has testified.


#1193              Consultant has a Ph.D. and is an expert in various areas of artificial intelligence, as well as in the areas of eCommerce, on-line media and publishing, and relational databases. Most recently, the consultant has been working as an expert witness on expert systems.


#1196              Expert has experience with Intellectual Property, Patent Analysis, Patent Infringement, Patent Research, Litigation and Expert Witness assignments in: eCommerce, Payment Processing Systems, Mobile Banking, Cash Management,  Remote Deposit, Wire Fraud, Point Of Sale, Credit/Debit Card and Automated Banking & Retail Systems – Since the mid-1980’s.  He has Forty-five years developing, marketing and implementing advanced financial technology for banks and brokers, both as an independent consultant, and as a technology executive with major corporations.


#1199               Consultant specializes in database and has written many applications.  In his career, he has written over 1 million lines of code, and ported around 10-20 million lines of code.  He has worked on several healthcare systems, including implementing a claims processing system for PCs.  Expert is a member of Standards Committees and has testifying experience.


#1200              Consultant has worked as an expert witness in several areas: derivatives trading algorithms/software and cloud computing/virtualization software and information security and forensics, Internet architecture and services, software development and analysis, electronic commerce and payments, trademark / copyright disputes, cybercrime investigation or defense, patent litigation, vulnerability research, and network intrusion countermeasures.  He has testified for a matter regarding a transaction processing software system.


#1212              Consultant is a professor  who  has testified in federal court as an expert witness in the fields of computer science, computer engineering and software engineering.  His research interests are primarily the many aspects of concurrent processing, with an emphasis on its formalization by means of programming, prototyping and specification formalisms with supporting tools.


#1215              Consultant  specializes in firmware development and expert witnessing for hard disk drives and other storage devices, with experience in read channel, servo, host interfaces, forensic product analysis for patent infringement, software source code analysis for patent, copyright, and intellectual property and trade secret infringement.


#1220              Consultant is an Experienced Engineering Manager and real-time embedded systems Software and Hardware Engineer with diverse technical skills and a strong customer- and quality-oriented style of leadership. Accomplishments include product development and validation of both PC-based and consumer electronics digital video and audio products for profitable mass production by major OEM customers, and the staffing and training of a software engineering department that led to a corporate IPO and later to an acquisition by a world-class IC manufacturer.

  • Software engineering management
  • Embedded systems and real-time software and firmware design
  • Hardware design, software design, and software architecture
  • Hardware (board-level design, debug, and validation), software (C, assembly), and test engineering
  • Direct interaction with customers and customer representatives
  • Identification of product requirements
  • Knowledge of quality systems and concepts and their applications
  • Digital video, digital audio, and signal compression and storage


#1250             Consultant has a PhD in Electrical engineering and computer science  from an IVY league university.  He has Experience with Internet(database backed web sites), compilers, and display technologies including projector-camera systems, HDMI, GPU computing, peer-to-peer, instant messaging, pub sub systems, HTTP, TCP, UDP, thin and thick client, affiliate marketing, click-through models, subscription models, search optimization, caching, relational database community-based web sites, social networking, computer graphics, digital image warping etc. Such work in these areas that he has done is pioneering. Additionally, he has participated in international standards processes. He is experienced in writing code in C++, Java, C, Postscript, C#, etc.


#1251            Consultant has over 30 years of experience in computer science, software engineering, systems and electrical engineering. His expert witness services comprise over fifty six cases, dozens of depositions and court testimony in federal and state courts. His litigation background includes primarily patents, but technology related litigation as well for trade secrets, trade dress, software contract failure, electronics manufacturing, medical devices, database analysis, web site comparisons, enterprise software, management of patent licensing projects, technical advisor for counsel, internet, web site and systems development, software product development, database management systems, software architecture, research and development, and system specification.


#1374             Expert witness is a well known wireless network standards and numbering resource consultant. He has consulted for a number of major telecom corporations and startups since 1992 and before that was employed as a real-time software designer and manager in computer and communications applications.  Consultant has extensive experience in the development and implementation of wireless telecom standards, telecom protocols and also in real-time software development, particularly software related to wireless telecommunications. He has expert witness experience.


#1442              Consultant has over 40 years of experience with storage devices, embedded software systems for industry and consumer products, systems, including Flash Memory ( Solid State Disks, memory cards, flash drives ), Optical Storage ( CD, DVD, WORM, Magneto-Optical) , Magnetic Storage ( Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Tape ), RAID/Disk Arrays and jukeboxes; USB, SCSI, iSCSI, IDE/ATA/ATAPI/SATA, Fibre Channel, PCMCIA, game programming, home appliances and telecommunications. He has been a software developer, project lead, seminar presenter and technical writer. He is experienced with various programming languages, including C, C++, Delphi, C# and assembly. Consultant has extensive expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1454             Consultant is  a professional engineer and an entertainment technology consultant for Video and Cable TV Consumer Electronics Standards, Profit, Non-profit, Software Programmer, Android Studio, Java, C++, C, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, Electroencephalography (EEG), Electromyography (EMG), Volunteer, Studied Japanese Language and Korean Language.  He has over 80 patents and is an inventor of the DVD (Digital Video Disc). Consultant has expert witness experience.


#1462              Consultant provides software engineering consulting particularly focused on software process and software product quality, as well as custom software testing services. He has expert witness experience.


#1465             Consultant is a professor who has extensive experience in the computer software industry, including engineering, licensing, marketing, and management; the Internet, including cloud-based services; the telecommunications industry; intellectual property; and finance practice, including financial models used by private equity firms, insurance, and financial management of technology-based ventures; and general business management.  He has expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1470              Consultant has over 40 years of experience developing products and services by fusing enabling technology and conducting R&D and product development in the areas of IT, Wireless, Software Applications, M2M, Real Time Embedded Software, Streaming HD Video Media Content Delivery, NFC, LBS, GPS, BI, DW, Web 2.0, SOA, NFC .Net, WCF, Federated and Clustered MSSQL, GIS and SaaS & PaaS, C++, Server Virtualization, Cloud Computing, TB SAN, Military and Space Avionics and E-Commerce to design products to fill real-world needs. He has a great deal of litigation experience along with testifying in complex systems & computing architectures for M2M applications, fleet telematics, LBS Markets, Wireless, SOA, SaaS and PaaS, Cloud systems and IT systems.


#1476              Consultant has over 36 years of academic and professional experience in computer science, software development, embedded systems, networking, enterprise software systems, digital audio signal processing, and music technology. His practice encompasses a wide range of computer technology disciplines. Consultant has extensive expert witness experience along with testifying.