The following are expert witnesses for streaming technology matters. Our experts cover the technologies of: audio compression, video compression, MP3, MPEG, signal processing, multimedia with deposition and testifying experience.


#1036              Expert with Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford.   Programming expertise in the fields of  port/optimize audio compression algorithms: AC-3, MP-3, AAC, audio algorithms, signal processing (C, C++, JAVA, UNIX and assembly language), DSP architectures, embedded processors.  The expert has testifying experience and has worked on software analysis for litigation.


#1177              Consultant holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and prior to becoming an expert witness, consultant was a professor.  His research interests are in computer speech, distributed systems, interactive environments, software engineering, systems engineering, and technology policy. He possesses knowledge-based approaches to signal processing, computational physics and non-linear dynamics.   He has testified for infringement, validity and ITC matters.


#1078              Consultant  is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science where his main research interests include computer networks and protocols, wireless networking, multicast communication, large-scale multimedia systems, and mobile applications. In the research community, consultant has authored nearly 200 refereed papers and has also served as an expert witness in a number of interesting patent cases. He is a Member of the ACM and a Fellow of the IEEE.


  • Computer Networks and protocols
  • Mobile Applications
  • Multimedia
  • Wireless networking


#1286              Consultant is a professor in the department of Computer and electrical engineering. His  area of research  is Detection and Estimation Theory, Information Theory & Coding, Image & Video Compression, Multimedia Systems & Networks, and Wireless Communications Networks. Consultant has expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1303              Expert has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with knowledge in streaming media, video coding.  He is currently an Associate Chair and Professor of Electrical Engineering and is a seasoned expert with testifying experience including Markman and ITC.


#1332             Consultant is a professor who has over 30 years of academic and professional experience in speech and audio signal processing, speech and audio signal compression technology, standards for speech and audio compression, and software implementation on real-time platforms and in client/server architectures.


  • Speech and audio digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Speech and audio signal compression
  • Speech and audio compression standards: MPEG MP3, MPEG AAC, MPEG HE-AAC, MPEG Surround, MPEG Spatial Audio Object Coding (SAOC), MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding (USAC); 3GPP aacPlus, Enhanced aacPlus, AMR, AMR-WB, AMR- WB+; ETSI GSM.
  • Measurement of speech and audio signal quality: Mean Opinion Scores, ITU-T and ITU- R quality standards.
  • Operating Systems: Linux, MS Windows (hardware drivers and GUI)
  • Programming Languages: C and C++, Matlab, shell, various assembly languages
  • Web Languages: HTML, PHP, MySQL

Consultant has expert witness experience along with testifying.


#1333              Consultant is a professor in electrical engineering, his research interests are in the areas of visual information processing that considers the entire video pipeline — capture, compression, communication, and consumption. We are interested in understanding how visual perception, cognition, and emotion can help optimize video services. One key area of focus is understanding and applying human visual perception, cognition, and social context to optimize video quality and reduce bandwidth needed for video services. Consultant has expert witness experience.


#1343              Consultant  has twenty six years of post-Ph.D. hands-on and management industry experience in all aspects of signal, voice and video compression, communications, processing, mobile and wireless applications. Strong managerial skills, outstanding engineering expertise, and proven hands-on record for definition, development and on-time delivery of products.


#1470              Consultant has over 40 years of experience developing products and services by fusing enabling technology and conducting R&D and product development in the areas of IT, Wireless, Software Applications, M2M, Real Time Embedded Software, Streaming HD Video Media Content Delivery, NFC, LBS, GPS, BI, DW, Web 2.0, SOA, NFC .Net, WCF, Federated and Clustered MSSQL, GIS and SaaS & PaaS, C++, Server Virtualization, Cloud Computing, TB SAN, Military and Space Avionics and E-Commerce to design products to fill real-world needs. He has a great deal of litigation experience along with testifying in complex systems & computing architectures for M2M applications, fleet telematics, LBS Markets, Wireless, SOA, SaaS and PaaS, Cloud systems and IT systems.