The following are expert witnesses for Thin Film matters. Our experts cover the technologies of, but not limited to: semiconductor manufacturing, thin film metallurgy, PVD, photolithography with deposition and testifying experience.


#1059             Consultant holds a Ph.D. in Material Science/ Engineering from a top-rated university.  He has thirty years of R&D and Engineering in the semiconductor capital equipment industry in the areas of thin film deposition, vacuum system design and plasma processing of materials.   He is a pioneer in the development of magnetron sputtering hardware and processes for the metallization of silicon integrated circuits and was instrumental in the development of cluster tool and 300mm interface standards for semiconductor fabrication equipment.

His expertise:

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • Physical metallurgy
  • Thin film metallurgy
  • Planar and hollow-cathode magnetron sputter source design
  • SEMI Standards Development and Compliance
  • Vacuum system design & practice
  • Cluster tool design and interfaces
  • PVD Thin film process and process control
  • Electrostatic chuck technology
  • Magnetic modeling


#1067              He has experience with liquid crystal display design and thin film as well as new ultra high vacuum equipment.  He was involved in the development of LCD IC processing, assembly, and test procedures which include the following disciplines: electrical, mechanical and chemical technologies, with special emphasis on photolithography and thin film techniques.