The following are expert witnesses for Touch Screen technology matters include the technologies of, but not limited to: touch screen interface, keyboard devices, touchpad, mobile gesture with deposition and testifying experience.

#1070              Expert is a graduate of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from M.I.T..  His expertise is in touch screen and multi-screen devices, gestures and simulated keyboard devices.  touch user-interfaces, touchscreen integration, and development tools for hand-held devices.  He has litigation experience including ITC matters and testimony at trial.


  • Circuits
  • Computer Security
  • Controller Software
  • Cryptographic  Security
  • Touch Screen


#1072              Owner of 7 patents ranging from technologies such as mobile keyboard overlays to accessing documents on network.   Expert has been a fact witness and expert witness in half a dozen high profile patent cases in the mobile technology area that involved Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, Google, etc.  He was one of the initial developers who created one of the world’s first tablet computers in the late ‘80s and worked on the architecture of the ASP.Net.  He holds several patents and has litigation and testifying experience.  


  • Mobile networks
  • Payment processing
  • PDA designed
  • Touchpad
  • UI


#1073              Expert is a researcher in human‐computer interaction, he creates useful and usable interactive technologies that improve people’s access to and interaction with computers and information, particularly for impaired users or users in impairing situations. He combines computer science, interaction design, and psychology to invent new user interface technologies for desktop, web, mobile, and surface computing platforms. He also formally measures and models human performance with computing systems. Many of his contributions concern input via text entry, pointing, touch, and gesture, often but not exclusively for people with motor or sensory disabilities. He holds many patents and publications. He has expert witness experience.


  • Interaction design
  • Mobile technology
  • Touch Gesture